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Eating smart is essential during tough economic times. When you have lots of money to spend there a lots of options to eat healthy food. However, most of them are very expensive. If your are on a tight budget you really need to eat smartly and make the best of your financial resources. By eating right we stay healthy and we tend to be more productive and resourceful, something that we really need during that period. Since this crisis force us to cut down unnecessary expenses, it is a great opportunity to prioritize what is more important in our life and eat more wisely.

Cooking Economy is a new food philosophy that helps you eat smart and save cash. By reading this book you will learn what is the true economic food and you will figure out that it is simple to save money if you shop, cook and eat more wisely.
You will discover numerous practical tips that you can start applying immediately and many great recipes that will allow you enjoy delicious and healthy dishes, getting the best out of any food money you spend.
More precisely you will learn how to:

Eat a healthy and balanced diet, enjoying every single mouthful.

Organize your meals and your nutritional budget

Shop wisely and carefully choosing local and seasonal natural foods

Eat only as much as you really need and to focus on quality over quantity

Conserve your food correctly and use all the leftovers

Organize you food storage and food Insuance plan.

Carry around with you healthy snacks and avoid processed snacks

Eat out selectively and grab politely every single chance to eat for free

Cook ecologically by cutting down energy and water consumption

Cook tasty, healthy and simple, cost-efficient recipes.
If you want to Eat Smart and Save Cash but you dont know where to start from, then Cooking Economy was written for you!

In this website you will find valuable information and resources about eating well on a budget.

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